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Where You Can Buy Weed Online in Canada

We’re off to a good start of the new year. Back in fall 2018, Canada officially became the world’s second nationwide market to sell marijuana legally. All 10 provinces have been cleared to legally distribute cannabis to residents who are looking to buy. With this major policy change, there’s been a lot of excitement, along with a lot of questions raised. What exactly does this new law mean, and what extent of marijuana purchase does it cover? Should you buy weed online or can you only buy it in the stores? How old do you have to be to even legally buy weed? Buy My Weed Online is here to clear the confusion. Here’s your guide to what the legalization of marijuana in Canada means and how to go about buying weed online.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

On October 17, 2018, weed became legal in Canada with the Cannabis Act. With the new law in place, residents are allowed to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana product in public. The Canadian government outlines that individual provinces and territories within the country are to determine their own regulations surrounding the distribution and sale within their jurisdictions. This means each province can dictate how weed is sold, where stores are allowed to set up shop if residents can buy weed online, and what rules marijuana distributors and retailers must operate under. At the moment, residents of legal age can buy weed online in all 10 provinces of Canada.

In addition to the distribution and selling guidelines, provincial governments also have the power to lower the amount residents can possess within each individual jurisdiction, restrict and designate places where cannabis can be used in public, and set the minimum age a resident must be to legally buy weed. Furthermore, provinces can also place certain requirements on the personal cultivation of cannabis by individuals.


What Cannabis Legalization Means for Each Province

With each territory and province owning a specific excise stamp for legal cannabis products, residents traveling between different regions within Canada are responsible for knowing the specific laws for the province they buy in, whether they buy weed online or in-store. From the minimum legal age to buy to where residents can buy weed and the public possession limit, here’s a quick reference of each province or territory’s exact marijuana laws that have been put in place:

  • Alberta: 18 years of age, online or private licensed stores, 30-gram limit
  • New Brunswick: 18 years of age, online or government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Nova Scotia: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Prince Edward Island: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Yukon: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • British Columbia: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: 19 years of age, online or private licensed stores, 30-gram limit
  • Nunavut: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Quebec: 18 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit
  • Manitoba: 19 years of age, online or private licensed stores, 30-gram limit
  • Northwest Territories: 19 years of age, online or in government-operated stores, 30-gram limit

Where to Buy Weed in Canada

Each province or territory will dictate where exactly you can purchase weed. If a province allows physical stores to sell marijuana products, it most likely will not be at the same location where tobacco or alcohol is sold. Instead, stand-alone, brick-and-mortar pot shops will be licensed retailers or federally run. Since all provinces and territories have made it legal to buy weed online, purchasing marijuana the e-commerce way is a completely viable and often preferred option for many residents. While there is only one federally-run online weed dispensary for most provinces to shop from, independent online dispensaries are also another great route to buy weed. Either way, the benefits of buying weed online can be enormous.

One major aspect of buying weed online is the fact that you can easily browse through a wide variety of products and get the relevant information about each item quickly. The information provided will allow you to get a thorough overview of a cannabis product before you make the decision to purchase. Whether it’s IndicaSativa or a Hybrid strain, you’ll know exactly what is coming to you in the mail, the effects to expect, and how that specific marijuana product can benefit you.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

While online weed dispensaries are not new to Canada, especially since they’ve been available for a while for many medicinal marijuana users to shop from, the concept of mail-order marijuana may seem foreign to new cannabis users. And that’s totally okay! Mail-order marijuana refers to weed or weed products that have been ordered via an online transaction, then shipped to a person’s doorstep for fulfillment.

Just as you would purchase clothing, gadgets and other products online, you can now experience the same convenience with cannabis, legally. The main difference is the added protection of personal information. To ensure the utmost privacy of your data and cannabis-related transactions, online weed dispensaries use a different mode of transaction called e-transfer. A legitimate, online marijuana shop will uphold shipping and handling regulations (outlined by Canada Post) and will ship and deliver your package with discretion in order to keep your personal marijuana usage your own business. Packages from authorized dealers should also be sealed tightly and properly to maintain maximum freshness and quality of cannabis products.


If you’re new to online shopping for your weed products, welcome to the party. Take the following steps when buying weed online to make sure you have the easiest and most secure, cannabis-shopping experience.

  1. Choose an online weed dispensary that is reputable. This means reading existing customer reviews of private retailers or opting for a federally run online dispensary. You’ll want to look for any comments on quality of product, timeliness of fulfillment, and the overall experience others have had with the product or purchase process.
  2. Buy weed online. Once you’ve chosen where you want to buy weed online, it’s time to pick your purchase! Click through different types of products you wish to purchase, such as Indica, Sativa or Hybrid bud, along with cannabis-related accessories to supplement your product, like pipes or grinders. Be sure to check out each product’s specific details before placing it in your virtual shopping cart. Look at the potency level for each product and what properties it holds.
  3. Set up an e-transfer account. To process your online weed purchase with the most secure protection, you won’t be able to just directly input credit or debit card information. Instead, you will need to set up an e-transfer account. The actual e-transfer vendor may vary depending on which dispensary you are using, but the concept remains the same. You’ll be asked to sign into your financial institution’s mobile banking account to then send money. The online shop you choose will provide the information on where to send your money to, which you’ll then input into your mobile banking app transaction. The e-transfer will then send you a confirmation that your transaction was successfully processed.
  4. Look out for your package. Once you’ve securely checked out, the online weed dispensary will then begin the process of fulfillment. A tightly sealed package of your cannabis order will be delivered to your door, ready for you to enjoy.

Choose Buy My Weed Online

When it comes to buying weed online you should always look for a dispensary that places your needs as a priority. Buy My Weed Online has been in the cannabis business long before the Cannabis Act was put into place, which means we have some of the most reliable and trustworthy cultivators and distribution vendors that produce top-quality cannabis products day in and day out.

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Buy My Weed Online offers a wide selection of all different types of marijuana products, from flower you can smoke to oils you can vape and cannabis-products for your pets. We’re here to provide you with whatever medicinal and recreational cannabis needs you may have. It’s time to make the most out of living in a 420-legal country with our 420-friendly online weed dispensary. Buy weed online today with Buy My Weed Online!

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